The Time is Now for Female Financial Advisors


According to U.S. Census Bureau estimates for July 2019, women make up 50.8 percent of the population. Approximately 19% of financial advisors in the United States are female. As financial female professionals struggle with gender inequality and...

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Partnership for Potential

Be better.
Isn’t that what we all strive to do, especially when it comes to our work? But what happens when you want to improve but can’t find the help you need to do just that? You move on. You find a partner that pushes you to be the...
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Don't change your business model


When it comes to your business, what are you not getting? Our philosophy at Berthel Fisher? You come first. We’re here to support your business, not run it.

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The Office of a Financial Advisor: What Does Your Client See?


As a seasoned financial advisor, you know that making a lasting impression is important. Make sure your office environment is doing its part. Don’t underestimate the power your corporate atmosphere has to influence how your clients, or potential...

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Why and How to Segment Your Client Base


Segmenting clients is, in theory, a fairly straight-forward strategy. In most financial advisory firms, clients are defined according to their revenue. For example, clients with revenues exceeding one million may be classified as top-tier;...

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Tips for Hiring the Right Support Staff for Your Financial Advisor Practice


Behind every successful financial advisor—and any profitable firm—is an efficient and dynamic support staff. Whether you are hiring administrative support or marketing/sales staff, it is important to your business, and to your clients, to hire...

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How to Build Authentic Relationships with HNW Clients


If you are looking to attract—and retain—more high net worth clients, you can learn a lot by looking at why clients fire their financial advisors. 

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Robo-Advisors Can’t Deliver the Total Client Experience


Will robo-advisors replace traditional financial advisors? Probably not. Is it because they are flawed? Not necessarily. Digital advice platforms have their place and complete certain tasks well, but they aren’t even close to replacing the...

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Berthel Fisher Companies Hires Chief Information Officer


Cedar Rapids, Iowa – September 28, 2017 – Berthel Fisher Companies (“BFC”) is pleased to announce the addition of Steve Hannah as Chief Information Officer (“CIO”) for Berthel Fisher & Company.  Steve will also serve as President and CIO of...

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